8k 133 MegaPixel 60 FPS Image Sensor Pioneered by NHK

NHK 8 k 133 Mpixel image sensor

NHK 8 k 133 Mpixel image sensor

NHK has announced the completion of an 8k , 15,360 x 8,640 pixel, 133MP image sensor suitable for capturing video at 60 frames per second, which is the next generation beyond the 4K (UltraHD), and is being called Super Hi-Vision (8K SHV).

Shooting 8K video at 60 FPS the light receiving surface (image sensor) is 43.2mm (diagonal), equivalent to 35mm full-frame. This will hopefully have sensels (the actual pixel sites) that are large enough to capture noise free images at all useful light levels.

8k is obviously overkill for home use since at typical viewing distances yo could have a screen that was over 35 foot diagonally and still not be able to see the individual pixels, so my guess that this is really for use in movie theaters and similar applications although its possible that capturing at 8k will give us more flexibility in post production where we enhance and add effects before scaling he video down to 4k or 2k (1920×1080).

More information from NHK on the 29th of May. 

NHK 8 k 133 Mpixel image sensor

NHK 8 k 133 Mpixel image sensor


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2 comments to 8k 133 MegaPixel 60 FPS Image Sensor Pioneered by NHK

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    […] it is. But the insane resolution will allow for more post-production flexibility when it comes to enhancing or adding effects before scaling the image […]

    • Dr Bob

      Its that the insane resolution will allow for more seamless editing of the original material but that is a solution without a problem. We have thousands of movies being displayed every year in 2k digital format )a format that really should only be used in homes) yet the audience makes no significant complaint about the quality.

      I find that 4k movies are very noticeably better yet I donut really notice that audiences comment or care about the difference, it seems that they just want to be entertained.

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