I’m a PhD engineer in Silicon Valley who has been fortunate enough to have lived through, helped with, and enjoyed the technology explosion we’ve experienced from the mid seventies to today. Having helped build a piece of the Internet as well as having designed and built new leading-edge technologies, I offer a unique perspective of the personal electronics industry. Having been behind the curtain for over three decades, my view helps to explain what products could be better for you, which companies are the true innovators and which new innovations you should really care about and why.

I’ve been blogging for over 20 years and started blogging professionally in 2010 on my own commercial site, then moved to my current, permanent, home on DrBobTechBlog.com in 2011.

Please help me make this site serve you better by providing comments to ask me questions, tell me what you like and let me know which stories most interest you. Want to know the real secret behind a technology or tech company, just ask here!

As with anyone that has seen what is actually behind the curtain, my views may seem contrary, but keep in mind that the tech industry treats its customers like they are children, and you do know what the tell children about the rotund man in the fur trimmed suit, and what the reality is, don’t you ?

Have questions? I love answering questions and offering my opinion as to what works best and why. I don’t pull punches, instead focusing on telling the truth and illuminating what aspects and features you should really be looking at.

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