High Sierra flash drive installer instuctions

High Sierra

Apple has finally released the Public Beta of High Sierra macOS 10.13, much to the surprise of so many website that erroneously report it being available prior to today, when in fact it wasn’t. Of course we are very excited to test it as quickly as possible. Naturally every Beta has its […]

High Sierra is Apple’s new macOS, APFS finally arrives!

High Sierra

Apple made several announcements today at their Worldwide Developers Conference, including upgraded hardware and software, among which I find the new macOS High Sierra to be most interesting.


What Handbrake doesn’t want you to know


Handbrake is now the most commonly used software to transcode video from one format to another format or from a large file size to a smaller file size or you can even do both. Its flexible, with a huge array of options you can fiddle with if you are so inclined, […]

VLC plays Blu-ray again! (Handbrake users rejoice!)


VLC is a long time internet darling program for its ability to allegedly play any kind of video fine you might encounter on The Net. In decades past this was of some use, since Apple invented (digital) video on personal computers with Quicktime which was released on 2 December 1991. Prior to that there […]

LassPass password manager insecure


LastPass, a popular password manager, has been found to have a very serious security flaw that allows malicious website so steal all your passwords even if your Last{ass app is not rung, and if it is running then things get even worse because the malicious websites would be able to execute […]

iPhone Logo

Apple Logo

What do you do if your iPhone appears to be stuck, displaying a black screen with a white Apple logo? This is a rare occurrence but if it does happen, then recovery steps aren’t obvious nor intuitive because you can’t see anything. It turns out that there are procedures for you […]

Make Handbrake work even better with DVDs [libdvdcss]


Handbrake has made a huge breakthrough recently by finally releasing version 1.0 which has been over a decade in the making. It was worth the wait because it truly works well, is stable and is fast. In testing it seems that there are still a few DVDs that Handbrake will mangle […]

Secure Erase and wipe your SSD, will it work?

Crucial SSD

With all the privacy breaches that have been occurring lately, its no wonder that more users are learning how to completely wipe their disk drives before a disk drive upgrade or passing a desktop or laptop computer on to someone else. This totally makes sense and is a very wise […]

Rip Blu-ray and DVD with the fantastic production version of Handbrake & MakeMKV


Handbrake has finally graduated to full production software status after over a decade of being in Beta and is now known as Handbrake 1.0. Although it may seem like a trivial event, my testing has shown that Handbrake now works better and more efficiently than ever.


NBC News posts CIA barb at Wikileaks


NBC news posted the first comment from the CIA regarding the Wikipedia leak into their massive collection of privacy violating software. Naturally The CIA didn’t really say anything other than to