Court denies FBI permission to compel anyone to give thumbprint to unlock phone



In a single, narrowly scoped, case U.S. Magistrate Judge David Weisman admonished the FBI for using old boilerplate language to demand the ability to force anyone at a raided location to give up their thumb so the FBI could forcibly unload their phone.

Obviously we need far more protection against self-incrimination, which already exists in the constitution in the form of the Fifth Amendment, since police agencies all over the US are violating said right by forcing anyone to give up their fingers to unlock their movie phones.

Jennifer Lynch, senior staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation said: “This is a very new area of the law. We’ve only had the ability to unlock our phones with our fingerprints for a few years now,” Lynch said. “And so in this situation, there’s nobody on the other side to say to the court this is outrageous and there are some cases to back us up.”

Personal rights and freedoms are the very basis, the critical foundation of the United States of America and its unfair, unjust and illegal for government employees such as the FBI to think that they can choose to violate our rights just to make their job easier. We pay them good money and give them great pensions (which the rest of us don’t get) to d the job correctly, if they don’t want to or if they ca’t then they should simply quit and give us back all he money we gave them.

Hopefully this Judge has sent a wakeup message to all police agencies everywhere that its time to become the good guys again and do there jobs properly and completely legally.


Chicago Tribune – Judge blocks FBI from forcing fingerprints from targets to unlock iPhone 






Blackstone’s Formulation

“It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer” William Blackstone

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