iPhone X Facial Recognition blows Samsung out of the water

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At the Apple Keynote presentation yesterday Apple announced the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X (Ten) at the same time. the iPhone 8 is a continuation model, essentially an iPhone 7 with massively upgraded horsepower via Apple’s new A11 Bionic chip (64-bit architecture) with a Neural Engine and the iPhone X which is a celebration model to commemorate iPhone tech birthday. There are several notable new features including an all screen display (there is no Home Button anymore, the display goes all the way down to the both of the screen and the most interesting new feature is Facial Recognition.

Samsung Stinks

Of course much of the media is bashing the iPhone X’s price tag at $999, conveniently overlooking the fact that the most expensive Samsung phone has been $930 for ages, yet no one batted an eye about its price tag. The iPhone X is far better equipped than the most expensive Samsung phone and in fact, all iPhone made for the past several years can easily outperform the most expensive Samsung with ease, according to multiple independently conducted performance tests, proving that the Samsung is a terrible value.

iPhone Face Recognition

The most impressive new feature in the iPhone X is the facial recognition system. Months ago when Apple leaked that they were coming out with an iPhone based facial recognition system, Samsung immediately kludged together their own facial recognition system and rushed it to market. This “me too” approach was popularized by Microsoft decades ago, each time there was an Apple leak of a new technology, Microsoft would scramble to put it into Windows before macOS was released so that they could claim that they “had it first”, of course as well all know, Apple always does it better.
Within days of Samsung releasing their facial recognition Software, international security researchers found that if you took a picture of a person, printed that picture out and held it in front of that person’s Samsung phone that the screen would unlock, so its completely useless.
Apple’s technology does not rely on simply matching pictures like Samsung’s does. Instead it has a series of sensors at the top of the iPhone X that do some truly cool tricks. First, your face is lit with an invisible infrared light, then an infrared sensor looks at your face to begin analysis. You must be looking directly into the sensor to allow it to work, if it detects that you are looking to the side it will stop the recognition process. Once it determines that you are intentionally looking directly into your iPhone, it will then illuminate the invisible beam from the Dot Projector, which paints 30,000 dots across and up and down your face. This gives the iPhones new Neural chip a depth map to be analyzed in 3D to see if really is your face.


Apple’s approach is more than 100 times more secure than using a thumb print, which has already been proven to be extremely secure in Apple products. Proof of this can bee seen in the video of Congressional testimony where the FBI director testified before Congress that the FBI could not crack Apple’s iPhones at all. Apple’s new facial recognition system should make it even more impossible for a thief to unlock your phone.
This comes at a price and in the case of the iPhone X, the price tag starts at $999 US.

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