NBC News posts CIA barb at Wikileaks



NBC news posted the first comment from the CIA regarding the Wikipedia leak into their massive collection of privacy violating software. Naturally The CIA didn’t really say anything other than to

send Wikileaks a barb and to state that they are supposed to be aggressively defending the US. The problem with that is their actions have put us all in jeopardy. The CIA still has a 1950s mentality about security and have actually made it extremely easy for hackers, attackers and hostile forge in governments to successfully attack US citizens and US infrastructure which is in direct violation of the mission which they state to be upholding. 

CIA statement about Wikileaks

CIA statement about Wikileaks 

Its shameful that a US agency so blatantly announce they they are supposed to aggressively protect us and in reality have done massive irreparable harm to our society. Its time for the kimono to be completely impend and Congress to perform and in-depth, completely transparent, open investigation to the CIAs processes, capabilities, and management because every single one of their management team is personally responsible for this security disaster, right here on US soil.


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Blackstone’s Formulation

“It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer” William Blackstone

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