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Handbrake has finally graduated to full production software status after over a decade of being in Beta and is now known as Handbrake 1.0. Although it may seem like a trivial event, my testing has shown that Handbrake now works better and more efficiently than ever.

It was a long road and one that most of us had nearly given up on but the moment has arrived and Handbrake is finally blossomed into grow up software. It looks the same, and behaves the same but I now find that its bug-free and creates files notably smaller than ever before. Its completely stable now and it fit for everyday use by anyone.

Of course, one of Handbrake’s most well known uses is to compress and convert DVD movies into MPEG4 format which can be played on personal computers as well as on mobile devices but years ago Handbrake ran into a glitch, it lost the ability to decode the encryption that is on most commercial DVD discs.

MPAA strikes again

Under apparent threat from the MPAA, the team at Handbrake in France decided to stop offering the ability to bypass the encryption that is typically found on commercial DVD discs. This encryption is claimed to be there to protect the billion dollar movie companies from copyright pirates making and massively selling unauthorized copies of the discs, but what really happens is that the pirates copy the movies anyway (even if slightly degraded in picture quality) and the legitimate owners of the disc are unable to duplicate the disc to make a backup copy in case the original fails (as so often happens when scripted, warped or handled by two year old children.

The film companies claim that they only license us to watch the movies and not to own them, so they can control the disc, but the reality is that they do not guarantee that we will be able to watch that disc whenever we want, although they have been guaranteed a payment from us for the disc. This is unfair and unjust on their part and that they do not allow us to actually negotiate the contract for the disc is obviously in violation of our contract laws and is monopolistic behavior.

Regardless of the legality of the unfair license agreement, you will have to decide for yourself if Ripping discs is legal and right for you to do. Its generally felt that ripping your own discs is perfectly acceptable, to make backup copies for you own use) since you are not selling them, but that definition is not tested in the courts so you are on your own with this decision.

Wikipedia: Fair Use is a limitation and exception to the exclusive right granted by copyright law to the author of a creative work. In United States copyright law, fair use is a doctrine that permits limited use of copyrighted material without acquiring permission from the rights holders.




 Rip DVD and Blu-ray disc instructions (FYI Only)

  • Download and install Handbrake 1.0
    • Launch Handbrake and update it to the latest version then Quit Handbrake
    • Set the preference for where you want the completed files to land
  • Download the file “libdvdcss.2.dylib” from the following URL:
    • Create a “/lib” folder
      • cd ~
      • mkdir -p ~/lib 
      • Finder>Go>Go to Folder
      • Enter /usr/local
      • Move libdvdcss.2.dylib into this new lib folder
  • Download and install MakeMKV
  • Link Handbrake to MakeMKV
    • ln -s /Applications/ ~/lib/libaacs.dylib
    • ln -s /Applications/ ~/lib/libbdplus.dylib
  • Launch MakeMKV and make sure that its working.
    • MakeMKV is free from the software developer but they do require that the free license key be renewed every month, so its possible to have a copy of he software that just expired. Renewing the key is easy to do
      • Get a new key each month from the MakeMKV forum
      • Download a fresh copy of MakeMKV (which is easy enough to do
    • Quit MakeMKV
  • At this point Handbrake will be able to RIP DVD and Blu-ray discs (without having to launch MakeMKV).
  • Instructions to RIP a DVD or Blu-ray disc
    • If you’re ripping a Blu-ray disc then you need a Blu-ray drive, I use and recommend the SEA TECH Blu-ray writer which I have used successfully for several years now. This is an external drive that will connect to your USB connection. It comes with a USB cable which has a double end to power the drive (in case you connect that doesn’t supply enough power through one single USB connector, Macs do not have this problem so just ignore the extra end of the cable.
    • Insert the disc
    • Launch Handbrake
    • Select the disc from the pop-up window that appears in Handbrake
    • Give Handbrake a minute or two to analyze the disc
      • Handbrake will scan all the fake video files (put there by the film companies to try to interfere with your ability to rip the disc) and discover the correct file to use
      • Handbrake l now use its connection to MakeMKV to neutralize the encryption on the disc
    • Select the PRESET you desire
      • Click the “Toggle Preset” button on the far upper left of the screen to make the preset drawer appear on the left or right side of the main Handbrake window
      • Each Preset is optimized for a particular device
        • Presets balance file size, image quality, processing time (which is linked to quality) and compatibility
        • I generally recommend that you select the quality that satisfies your visual needs but does not take up too much storage space. If you do not like the results or of you needs change in the future then you can always change to a different preset and rip the disc again since its always available in your library.
    • Click on the Start button
      • It can take a long time to process a disc, depending on how fast your computer is, how fast your disc drive is and how long the movie is.
      • For every hour a DVD runs when watching it normally, it typically takes 15 to 30 minutes to process it.
      • For every hour a Blu-ray runs when watching it normally, it typically takes 50 to 60 minutes to process it. (Blu-ray video is extremely complex compared to DVD which is why it takes longer to process but the massive quality improvement is worth it).
      • Move the video to the final destination you desire, these videos can be imported into iTunes by selecting File>Add To Library. The video will show up in Home movies, select Get Info for that video, click on the Option tab, change the Media Kind to movie, click Ok. The video will now appear in the Movies category in iTunes.
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