Android phones, including Samsung, don’t delete personal data when you wipe or reset them

Google Don’t Be Evil

“Have you ever sold an old smartphone on eBay? You might be interested to know that the apps, photos and even Google searches on your phone can still be recovered — even if you performed a factory reset,” Pete Pachal reports for Mashable.


Malware attacks Droid climbing, iPhone still completely safe

Android Malware

Droid security is so pitiful that known and proven vulnerabilities against Google’s Android (Droid) smartphones rose from 79% to 91.3% of all vulnerabilities for all mobile operating systems.


ACLU requests US Government to investigate Android operating system fragmentation privacy risk

The ACLU is looking to raise Android (Droid) users’ awareness of the severe lack of security in Droid phones and tablets. Compounding the problems is the fragmentation problems, where users cannot get required software updates to patch the many security issues in Google’s operating system because they simply are not made available […]

Guess who makes money from Android?

“All right, we all know the score: Google’s Android mobile platform is dominant worldwide,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “Apple is in second place, but the critics say this is just a replay of the old Mac versus Windows wars. As more and more commodity handsets powered by Android are sold, Apple […]

Samsung charged with using Child Labor in China – True!

Samsung, the copycat

Samsung has been charged, by China Labor Watch, to be using underage child labor in its manufacturing process. China Labor Watch physically inspected the plant and saw the children at work there. Samsung claims that it conducts audits and claims that it has a zero tolerance policy, but the […]

Motorola loses case against Apple; ITC commission says Apple is innocent!

Google – don't be evil!

Apple has been cleared of any wrongdoing, by the International Trade Commission this past Friday. Motorola Mobility (now owned by Google) filed a complaint against Apple and requested that all iPhones and iPads be banned from import in to the U.S.A. but lost the case once the […]

Apple awarded initial Win against Samsung copycat case by California jury [UPDATED]


Jessica E. Vascellaro, The Wall Street Journal, just reported: “The jury has reached a verdict in the landmark trial between Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. over which company invented signature features of their popular smartphones and tablets, or whether they copied each other’s innovations,”


Stanford University invents artificial pressure sensitive skin for robots and humans

Stanford University has created a stretchable, conformable material from carbon nanotubes that can be used in the future for android (robot) skin, or restore lost functionality to amputees and burn victims.


Droid phones vulnerable to QR Code malware

Once again Droid (Google’s Android smart phone operating system) has fallen victim to a malware attack, this time via QR code vulnerability.