ABC’s David Muir interviewed Tim Cook today about the FBI backdoor

Tim Cook, Apple CEO

In a video teaser just released, Tim Cook explains a little about Apple’s position on protecting our privacy against the FBI’s draconian request in the 2015 San Bernardino incident.


El Capitan Beta Flash Drive Installer

OS X El Capitan

By now you might be tempted to install the OS X 10.11 El Capitan Beta on your Mac, as I have already done. The download took a long time on the first day of availability but the initial mad rush is over and downloads are proceeding smoothing now, but […]

El Capitan OS X 10.11 will run on most Macs

OS X El Capitan

Millions of Mac users breathed a sign of relief yesterday when the hardware requirements for Apple’s newest version of its flagship operating system, OS X, was leaked and confirmed by the computer media. The newest version of the venerable operating system is named El Capitan (and its numbered […]

Applebot: Apple’s web crawler is now cataloging The Web, just like Google and Yahoo

Tim Cook, Apple

Web servers around the world are now being checked for updates to web pages by a new bot, also known as a web spider. For years they were only checked for content by Google and Yahoo’s web crawling bots, then Microsoft joined in with their bot for Bing. Now […]

USB Type C is another Apple First


Adding to Apple’s very long list of of usable innovations (if you use high tech products you are likely to be using many Apple innovations without even knowing it) Apple has just added another one, USB-C which is making it debut on the new 2015 MacBook.


Apple will not be replacing Intel CPUs in their Macs with ARM chips any time soon


Contrary to popular opinion, and the annually recurring speculation by the computer media, I think that its unlikely that Apple will stop using Intel CPU chips in its Mac lineup. It does make sense that Apple would switch to their own series of ARM microprocessors, better known as the Apple A4 through […]

Apple TV about to clear its biggest hurdle

Apple TV 2nd Generation

Its been said that Apple TV will come to fruition because Steve Jobs cracked the interface problem, but I think that was always in Apple’s wheelhouse and not its primary obstacle. The primary obstacle to shift Apple TV from a hobby to a commercial success is availability of […]

Poodle can’t bite OS X, Apple already patched current systems

Unlike what has been reported in he media, Poodle has already been patched sufficiently well by Apple to protect against attack. The media has been relying on a flawed test on one website (called PoodleTest) that has an erroneously simple test to check for the vulnerability. Apple had actually patched against Poodle before […]

Apple successfully deploys new data network

Tim Cook, Apple

Apple was one of the very first companies to use a content delivery network (CDN) when it contracted Akamai (circa 1998) to deliver software updates for Mac users. This allows Apple to distribute software updates to Akamai’s thousands of servers sprinkled across the Internet to allow for much faster and better quality […]

Apple never stole anything from Xerox: Video Proof

Tim Cook, Apple

Apple haters have long attempted to smear Apple and Steve Jobs at very new announcement of the next generation of Apple Innovation. First was IBM with its now ridiculously inane statement that the world only needs 50 mainframe computers to satisfy all its needs, which was a direct jab […]