Square announces new ApplePay service

Square ApplePay

Square’s postage sized credit card reader has bee a popular success with small independent business, allowing anyone to sell to the public, accepting credit cards, by simply plugging the reader into an iPhone or iPad and swiping the card. It just couldn’t get any simpler. The only drawback is that […]

 Apple Pay already the #1 contactless payment system, bigger than everyone else combined

Apple Pay

In less than a week, Apple’s Apple Pay contactless (tap-to-pay) payment system already has more users than all other contactless payment systems, including Google Wallet, combined. The media was skeptical that anyone would use it because it was limited to iPhone 6 users but I stated that the number of […]

CurrentC (MCX) could be Rite-Aid and CVS’ way to also snoop on you

Apple Pay

Recent headlines are ablaze with the story about Rite-Aid and CVS deactivating Tap-To-Pay (NFC) POS terminals in their stores, which naturally disables Apple Pay (and Google Wallet) and all other contactless payment methods. Rumors had it that they both are members of Merchant’s Exchange (MCX) who for several years now […]

MasterCard Nearby’ app helps Apple Pay users find nearby retailers

Apple Pay

Consumers around the United States are loading credit and debit cards from Bank of America, Capital One, Citi and Wells Fargo onto their iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus for use with Apple Pay. One of the first questions being asked is, “Where can I use it?’ MasterCard has the answer: MasterCard […]

Apple Pay: Device Account Number

Apple Pay

Now that millions of users are using Apply Pay all over the U.S, we are getting a better understanding of contactless payment POS terminals. There were millions of iPhone 6s were ordered by Apple for the launch and on top of that 50 million more units are already on order […]

Rite Aid and CVS Pharmacy opt out of Apple Pay, customers infuriated

Apple Pay

Customers of Rite Aid and CVS Pharmacy this week were in for a rude surprise when their Apple Pay stopped working without warning. Apple Pay can and does work on any POS terminal in the world that already NFC hardware built-in. Although Apple Pay initially worked just fine at Rite […]

Apple Pay: Change the default credit card [Easy How-To]

Apple Pay

Now that Apple Pay has been launched and that Chase has finally added my co-branded credit card into the system, I added it today only to read that the first card that you add to Passbook is automatically set as the default card. That makes sense and I would have […]

ApplePay is here: An easy guide to setting up your first credit card


With today’s arrival of iOS 8.1 also comes the arrival of ApplePay. I searched everywhere on the net and found that none of the major sites had any instructions to show you how to add a credit card to your ApplePay account on your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. Fortunately […]

ApplePay: Banks retain fraud liability


An important but completely overlook tidbit of information got out today: Banks will retain fraud liability when you use ApplePay, just like when you use your credit card in person (and have the business swipe the card for you). This is important to protect us from potentially devastating fraudulent bank charges, which […]

ApplePay to blow away EMV chip enabled credit cards


EMV (Europay MasterCard Visa), also known as “the credit card with the chip” is not nearly as secure as the credit card companies make it out to be. Originally invented to combat the massive credit card fraud in Europe, the chip is supposed to secure transactions but i reality it can […]