Is Apple TV waiting on H.265 HEVC ratification?


“Much talk at CES in Las Vegas earlier this month — both yea and nay — was over the content delivery problems with Ultra HD (4K “UltraHD” video, MPEG 5) aka Ultra High-Definition video. It’s the chicken and egg conundrum. You can buy a beautiful set costing about the price […]

How to RIP a Blu-ray movie in Mac OS X; fast, easy and free! [UPDATED with More tips, and how to play a Blu-ray on your Mac!]

Panasonic UJ-260 Bluray burner


Copying your Blu-ray movies in Mac OS X is actually a relatively easy process. Ignore the jibber jabber you see on the Internet, The Net is full of unqualified opinion from people that actually aren’t technology experts, nor do they really know what they are talking about. […]

iPhone used to film parts of Marvel's The Avengers

Seamus McGarvey, Oscar-nominated cinematographer, used an iPhone to shoot some of the footage for the upcoming high-budget film “The Avengers”.


Star Trek The Next Generation coming to Blu-ray soon [Video]

Star Trek: The Next Generation has been re-edited for Blu-ray and is expected to arrive in 2012. There will be two releases on Blu-ray for the 25th anniversary