Apple has the best worker conditions in China; The Media is trying to bash Apple while ignoring the true atrocities


Apple is continually barraged with false attacks about worker conditions in China. I’m just as concerned as the next guy, but lets set the record straight. Apple is the good guy here, they contracted Foxconn to implement the best pay and the best working conditions in China, well before any media […]

Samsung charged with using Child Labor in China – True!

Samsung, the copycat

Samsung has been charged, by China Labor Watch, to be using underage child labor in its manufacturing process. China Labor Watch physically inspected the plant and saw the children at work there. Samsung claims that it conducts audits and claims that it has a zero tolerance policy, but the […]

Initial FLA report: Apple does not use sweatshops in China; Still waiting for New York Times apology


Auret van Heerden, head of the Fair Labor Association, has already told Reuters that he has arrived at the Foxconn plant in China that produces iPads and he already sees that conditions are visibly “far better” than those at their factories elsewhere in the country.


Apple begins next generation of audits; Fair Trade products on the way


I often noted that the mainstream media has its strings pulled by the WinTel (Windows Intel) cadre and regularly bashed Apple in the press. The sad fact is that to many people believe what they read in the media (or see on news shows on TV), completely believing the pablum without ever […]

China's BYD manufactures all electric car called e6; 87 MPH Top Speed and 190 Mile range

BYD, is not a well known name to most of us but is a giant battery manufacturer from Shenzen China that manufactures up to half of the world’s cell phone batteries. Back home in China, BYD has manufactured cars and busses, with its newest all electric car, model e6, being noted for […]

iPhone 5 launch could be delayed by bubble trouble

Mock up of rumored iPhone 5

Chinese manufacturer Wintek is allegedly facing manufacturing difficulties in trying to get the new iPhone displays free of “delayed bubble” defects, where bubbles appear later in manufacturing process of the displays, according to 9to5Mac.