China's BYD manufactures all electric car called e6; 87 MPH Top Speed and 190 Mile range

BYD, is not a well known name to most of us but is a giant battery manufacturer from Shenzen China that manufactures up to half of the world’s cell phone batteries. Back home in China, BYD has manufactured cars and busses, with its newest all electric car, model e6, being noted for […]

Apple allegedly powering iCloud with 171 acre Solar Power farm

Apple to power iCloud with Solar Power

Charlotte Observer is reporting that Apple has begun work building a 174 acre solar farm to power their new Maiden, North Carolina data center. The data center, located in Catawba County, was revealed by Steve Jobs during the iOS 5 keynote at WWDC this year, […]

Pavegen sidewalk tiles harness the power of your footsteps

Pavegen tile lights when you walk on it

Pavegen has demonstrated a novel approach to helping solve our energy dependence problem, by harnessing the power of your footsteps and you walk on one of their tiles, that can turn the power of your step into electricity and power low-power lights or be […]

Brigham Young University sets electrifying land speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats

Brigham Young University students have successfully set a land speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats by


Toyota car sets world speed record: using compressed air [Video]

Toyota ku-rin speed record setting car

The Toyota “ku-rin” has set a world speed record and is in the process of making the claim official with the folks from Guinness book of records. What makes this amazing is that Toyota did this by using