U-verse vs Comcast, its on!


After several torturous years of waiting U-verse finally became available in my part of Silicon Valley, and it could not have been a moment too soon. Comcast, whom I’ve been with for almost 20 years, just keep raising rates and lowering service quality. Its gotten rather frustrating with Comcast customer service effectively […]

Comcast customer service scam blown wide open


Adrianne Jeffries is the new people’s hero, her series on The Verge, titled Comcast Confessions picks up where Ryan Block‘s viral YouTube video of his horrifying Comcast experience left off.


"Tower Heist" will not be on cable at the same time as theaters after threatened boycott

CineMark, among other theater owners, threatened Universal with a boycott if they went ahead with plans to release the major motion picture titled “Tower Heist” to Comcast and possibly other cable companies within 3 weeks of theatrical release for an On-Demand fee of $60. The threat worked and Universal will not be offering […]

Comcast offering first run pay per view for $59.99 (per view)

Comcast will be offering the movie Tower Heist only three weeks after it debuts in theaters, for $59.99 a view, if you live in Atlanta or Portland Oregon. Seriously.