Selfmite Worm eats its way through Droid users’ bank accounts, Again!

Android Malware

It was bad enough when the Selfmite Worm attack Droid users’s the last time, because each worm attack cost users’ hundreds of dollars in unwanted SMS charges, now the Selfmite worm has been updated, now known as Selfmite.b, and will now send undesired SMS messages to all the users’ contacts […]

SOP bypass vulnerabilities still threaten most Droid users

Android Malware

SOP bypass vulnerabilities still threaten 45% to 73% of Droid users (depending on which country you are in). This vulnerability affects all users with versions of Droid older than 4.4. This vulnerability allows attackers to trivial trick users into thinking they are on one website when  they are actually at another, […]

Droid fragmentation visually represented, mind blown

Android Malware

There are so many different Droid phones and tablets, each running a custom and more importantly, incompatible, version of Google’s Android operating system that there is an official name for it: fragmendroid”. The is a very important concept to understand because these devices do not receive security or operating system updates […]

Droid apps so insecure that they can attack each other, steal passwords, credit-card numbers, photos

Android Malware

Here we go again. Droid (Google’s Android operating system for phones and tablets) which is based on Linux is not a secure product. Linux cannot ever, by definition, be secure because of its haphazard management of how they define open source. Thats fine if you are a penniless college student thats […]

Blackphone, the allegedly “secure” Droid phone hacked in under five minutes

Android Malware

PrivatOS, the modified version of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean (Droid OS), for the Blackphone, that promised a secure smartphone experience, superior to all other smartphones, has been hacked in less than 5 minutes at he DefCon Conference by @TeamAndIRC. Not only is this embarrassing, it proves that despite all the hype about […]

Droid target of 99% of all mobile Viruses according to Cisco

Android Malware

According to Cisco1 Google’s Android mobile operating system (OS) is the target of 99 percent of the world’s mobile malware.

Android and Java top security targets for malware and hacks […]

FBI and Department Of Homeland Security Warn That Droid Is Unsafe

Android Malware

Its absolutely no surprise that once again Google’s Android (Droid) operating system for mobile devices is raising red flags from government security officials, and its probably not the last. Droid is responsible for three times as much malware as all other mobile devices combined. If you combine Droid and Symbian […]

Google Fail! Most Droid phones have serious security hole

Google Don’t Be Evil

Researchers from Bluebox Security, have announced their intention to present the details of their frightening discovery at the next Black Hat Conference. In a nutshell, the researchers uncovered that although Google implemented Digital Signatures, an industry standard method for protecting software from being changed, it has implemented […]

Malware attacks Droid climbing, iPhone still completely safe

Android Malware

Droid security is so pitiful that known and proven vulnerabilities against Google’s Android (Droid) smartphones rose from 79% to 91.3% of all vulnerabilities for all mobile operating systems.


ACLU requests US Government to investigate Android operating system fragmentation privacy risk

The ACLU is looking to raise Android (Droid) users’ awareness of the severe lack of security in Droid phones and tablets. Compounding the problems is the fragmentation problems, where users cannot get required software updates to patch the many security issues in Google’s operating system because they simply are not made available […]