"OSCar eO" all electric race car ready for Dakar Rally – Latvians rejoice

OSCar eO electric for Dakar rally

The OSCar eO is an all-electric race car intended to compete in the Dakar Rally, built by a Latvian team and has now reached completion. Dakar starts in less than 2 months so I’m sure this comes as a relief to Latvia.


Rimac Automobili Concept-One, on the road [Video]

Rimac Concept-One

The Concept One is the first electric supercar from Croatia’s Rimac Automobili. Still in prototype form, its not quite ready for production yet, but today we get a long anticipated glimpse at this potentially amazing all-electric supercar.


Coda Automotive begins manufacturing its all electric car – ahead of schedule – in production now

Coda Automotive all-electric sedan

Coda Automotive began production of its all electric sedan this week, of its 2012 Coda Sedan. Availability is expected to start in January 2012.


Tesla Model X SUV crossover unveiling coming soon

Lotus APX could be Tesla Model X

The latest rumor update is that Tesla Motors will unveil its new crossover SUV, called the Tesla Model X, sometime in 2012.


Roadside mobile charger helps stranded electric cars

EV Mobile Charger — Image Credit: Copyright 2011 Sebastian Blanco / AOL

The EV Mobile Charger from Cross Country Automotive Services is the latest in electric car rescue services. Just like old fashions liquid fuel (gas, alcohol) and propane powered cars that can run out of “gas”, electric cars could also need rescue if […]