FBI loses, Apple wins! Justice Department about to retract demand against Apple


As I expected, the Justice Department has leaked that it will be dropping the demand against Apple to engineer a backdoor solution into all iPhones, per a leak from an anonymous Justice Department employee.


Apple fires back a stealthy blow at the FBI: private encryption keys for iCloud

Tim Cook, Apple

Apple has announced that its kicking up the security of iCloud accounts up one more notch, which is not a surprise in the wake of the constitutionally illegal attack that the FBI launched on Apple recently, alleged;y to gain access to a dead suspect’s phone. This improvement would make it […]

US Secretary Of Defense supports encryption and disses backdoors

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter at the RSA Cuberseurity conference today came out in support of Apple’s predicament with the FBI by proclaiming his support for encryption and his dislike for encryption. He did not give direct words of support for Apple because he oversees a different agency and presumably […]

Kickstarter hacked, time to change your password now


Yancey Strickler, Kickstarter CEO, sent out an email to Kickstarter account holders this afternoon, requesting that all users immediately change their password due to a hacker break-in into their computer system. No credit card numbers were stolen. The encrypted passwords were stolen so the passwords are not immediately visible but in […]

Pirate Bay Co-Founder announces plan to build an NSA-proof private chat app; Just like the one we already have from Apple: iMessage

The copycats never cease to amaze me. Their bold and brach announcements seem to be intended on unveiling some new kind of truth but the reality is that the only thing they have mastered is smoke and mirrors. Today’s copycat is Peter Sunde, co-founder and former spokesperson for BitTorrent search engine The Pirate […]