Quick Tip: Getting Gmail and Mail.app to play nice together

Google Don’t Be Evil

Mail.app just has not gotten the attention it deserves. Mail is still the most used feature on the internet with over 200 billion email messages being delivered every year, yet email clients have not really changed I any significant way for many years. Sure, we now have three […]

Google mobile friendly feature might make your website disappear

Google Don’t Be Evil

The big news this week is that Google made a change gigantic change to their algorithm, effective immediately. Websites that are mobile friendly will now maintain their search rating but sites that aren’t mobile friendly will lose their ranking in Google searches, a lot of ranking. I’m predicting that […]

Google Hacked, 5 Million passwords stolen

Google Don’t Be Evil

“Google Hacked, 5 Million passwords stolen” should be the headline that the media should be splattering all over the news today, yet but for a few specialized computer news sites, there is not a peep. Is not it interesting that when less than a hundred celebrities allowed their […]

If you used Google Search at any time after October 26, 2006, you may be a “Class Member” in this Lawsuit

SAN FRANCISCO, April 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The following release was issued by Nassiri & Jung LLP.

Legal Notice

This Press Release relates to a proposed Settlement of consolidated class action lawsuits (the “Lawsuit”) filed against Google Inc. relating to the inclusion of Google search queries in referrer headers (also called “referrer headers”) or […]

RATs continue to infect Droid phones, steal money, pics, credit cards and listens to your phone calls

Android Malware

Yet another attack against Android (Droid by Google) users has been uncovered. Called Dendroid,1 this one can infiltrate existing Droid apps, evade Google’s scanning system (which allegedly searches for viruses and RAT trojan horses on the Google Play app store) and be activated later on, on your Droid without your […]

Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets now come with Malware already installed on them from the factory


David Jevans, CTO and founder of Marble Security has reported today that Droid phones and tablets have been found to come with malware already installed on them direct from the Samsung factory.


Google fails again, offers its home city half a million $ to make up for broken promise

Google Don’t Be Evil

In 2006 I was one of the privileged few to have been selected to participate in Google’s latest public relations program at that time. Google had offered the city where its headwaters is located, Mountain View California a free outdoors only WiFi network that would connect to the […]

Droid By Google not really free and not open source

Google Don’t Be Evil

I’ve been saying it for years, Google’s Android (Droid) operating system is neither free nor open source. Google says that because its the latest cachet in trying to smear Apple, trying to make it look like Google has nothing to gain but the reality is that Google makes […]

Samsung sells its soul to Google, the dark deed has been done, you have been warned

Google Don’t Be Evil

It was bound to happen sooner or later, Samsung has signed an agreement to share patents with Google, and vice versa. This means that despite all the losses in court, around the world, which have held that Droid phones are in violation of stealing Apple’s technology (something that […]

Google Chrome allows malicious websites to spy on you, Google says it won’t fix the flaw

Google Don’t Be Evil

Add the most recent Google Chrome to the long list of reasons I have been telling family and friends to stay as far away from Google as possible. Today’s issue focuses on a flaw, discovered months ago, that Google acknowledges but has publicly stated that its choosing to […]