8k 133 MegaPixel 60 FPS Image Sensor Pioneered by NHK

NHK 8 k 133 Mpixel image sensor

NHK has announced the completion of an 8k , 15,360 x 8,640 pixel, 133MP image sensor suitable for capturing video at 60 frames per second, which is the next generation beyond the 4K (UltraHD), and is being called Super Hi-Vision (8K SHV).


Dr Bob Exclusive: Best gift for HDTV fanatics, and people that just want a great HD picture

HDTV Calibration Blu-ray Disc

Know an HDTV fanatic or want to make one happy? There are now a nicer of HDTV calibration discs available that make adjusting your HDTV for best color easy and accurate. After all, why buy an HDTV if everyone looks like Kermit the frog?


Apple iTV, the rumors have begun

Apple HDTV artists rendition

As I suspected and alluded to previously, the rumors mill is just now starting to get serious attention and the big name analysts are now throwing two cents into the mix.


Steve Jobs cracks living room complexity

According to Walter Isaacson, who authored the much anticipated biography titled Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs said that he cad cracked the complexity of living room, referring to all the remotes and hassle one encounters when dealing with various HDTV inputs, cable boxes, DVD and Blu-ray remotes, not to mention […]

Ultra HDTV technical standards agreed on, 1080p just not good enough

The ITU Study Group on Broadcasting Service has come to agreement on the technical specifications for Ultra HDTV. Although more pixels in the living room is obviously overkill, just do the math your self, it does offer a good opportunity to help 3D HDTV look a lot better.