NSA is watching you


Regardless if you believe that the NSA is spying on you, in fact they probably are. Sure, its likely that your electronic information and communications is being swept up in a huge net, along with everyone else’s, and that its not likely to be targeted directly at you, the […]

This site is blacked out in solidarity for Stop SOPA!

We, like thousands or other sites on the Internet will be blacked out and not posting news stories on 18 January 2012, in protest of the proposed SOPA and PIPA legislation. SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and (PIPA PROTECT IP Act) are frightening pieces of legislation that threaten free speech on the Internet. […]

Internet grows a new inter web- France IX Extends its Network to Marseille

PARIS, October 25, 2011/PRNewswire/ — The internet exchange point France IX enlarges its footprint to the strategic location of Marseille. This is the 9th point of presence (PoP) in France and the first out of Paris.


UK Internet sees highest traffic ever: iOS5 downloads

BT, who is responsible for all Internet backbone service in the UK (in addition to having its own ISP service) reported that downloads for Apple’s iOS5 set a record for traffic on all UK networks the past two days. Exceeding 80Giga bits per second, iOS5 downloads had greater demand on the Internet than […]

ISP bandwidth costs are only a tiny fraction of what they tell you and me it is

ISP’s have traditionally bemoaned that bandwidth costs have a major impact on their businesses because users consume more and more, allegedly necessitating higher prices to consumers. Plum Consulting has opened the kimono and revealed that bandwidth is actually a tiny fraction of any ISP’s true costs,


Satellite High Speed Internet coming to America via ViaSat-1

October 19th is the launch date for the new ViaSat1 satellite, from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, which will finally bring high speed downloads to satellite Internet customers in the U.S.(with Hawaii) and Canada.


Mozilla torpedoes McAfee plug-in; crashes Firefox excessively

McAfee’s Site Advisor and Script Scan plug-ins have crashed Firefox 6.0.2 (and Firefox 7) over 10,000times in the past few weeks.


Net Neutrality Coming to the U.S. soon, maybe

Net Neutrality (uncensored Internet for all) will be making its big debut in the United States of America this November if


I've moved to a new Blog hosting site, and why!

First I’d like to thank everyone for their support the past year at my (then) new site. As you can see I have moved away from the old service provider and now have a new permanent URL so you can always find me at:


regardless of service provider […]

Backup blog

After having a disastrous relationship with Google (Blogger – BlogSpot) and losing thousands of my posts, I decided to move. After all, Google was completely unresponsive to my requests for help, it has a poor support system (they only offer a (mostly unattended by employees) forum where my posts were ignored, then my […]