App Store attacked, Apple quickly nixes fraudulent Chinese apps


A data networking company discovered a plot to infect iOS apps by offering fast downloads of Apple’s free Xcode software development suite to app developers in China. Allegedly, there is little bandwidth to go around in China so some potential developers get frustrated with the long download times (Xcode is typically […]

Return to iOS 8.4.1

iPhone 5, 6, 6 Plus

If you any reason you find a glitch in iOS 9 that you can’t live with (like the Cisco VPN bug) you can return to iOS 8.4.1 by restoring your device from backup you made in iTunes and all is well However if you only made your backup in […]

iOS 8 Delivers user privacy during web searches via DuckDuckGo


 Apple has stepped up again to protect your privacy by now adding an easy option for private web searches. Google has log been guilty of collecting your browsing and surfing habits while online (yes, they continue to track you after you do a search on Google’s search engine). That data is […]

Droid to iOS Switching Guide, From Apple

Apple Guide for moving Android to iOS

Apple has graciously published a simple guide to help Droid users move to the iPhone and iPad platform. The timing is perfect now that with larger screen sizes there is just no excuse any more. Follow these clearly explained steps to move to the industry’s […]

Jonathan Zdziarski lied, Apple reports that there no secret backdoors in iOS for iPhone & iPad



Trust this computer

The computer news media has been ablaze with a claim from “security researcher” Jonathan Zdziarski, who was presenting at the Hackers on Planet Earth conference earlier this week. In his talk, “Identifying Back Doors, Attack Points, and Surveillance Mechanisms in iOS Devices,” Zdziarski claimed to […]

iPhone Operating System from iOS 1 to iOS 7

iPhone 5

Have you ever wanted to install a classic version on your old, spare, iPhone? I like to keep an old iPhone for emergencies (and yes, you can make an emergency call to 911 even thug it has no cell service and no SIM card) and to play classic games on. […]

How To Break Into The App Store’s Top Chart Even If You Are Not A Developer

Chupamobile is democratizing the app business. A new approach to the app development that isrevolutionizing the market and making it easier and less expensive than ever to launch and distribute a professional app or game. LONDON, March 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Breaking into the App Store top chart has never been so easy, […]

RATs continue to infect Droid phones, steal money, pics, credit cards and listens to your phone calls

Android Malware

Yet another attack against Android (Droid by Google) users has been uncovered. Called Dendroid,1 this one can infiltrate existing Droid apps, evade Google’s scanning system (which allegedly searches for viruses and RAT trojan horses on the Google Play app store) and be activated later on, on your Droid without your […]

OS X encryption flaw about to be stomped out by Apple [Updated]


Apple has already started patching a newly discovered issue in its operating systems that could cause an attacker to be able to fool a user into believing that a fake website is authentic by intercepting the SSL (HTTPS) signals and impersonating the desired web page. Apple has already pushed out the […]

Droid target of 99% of all mobile Viruses according to Cisco

Android Malware

According to Cisco1 Google’s Android mobile operating system (OS) is the target of 99 percent of the world’s mobile malware.

Android and Java top security targets for malware and hacks […]