Secure your iPhone (iPad) correctly


The media is abuzz, offering tips for securing your iPhone by using a Complex Passcode, instead of relying on a 4 digit PIN (i.e. a Simple Passcode) for better protection, in the wake of the FBI vs Apple brouhaha. This does make s sense but it completely overlooks two important facts: […]

iPad saves Pilot and his wife from crash landing in the dark


I’ve long suggested that private pilots load offline maps into both their iPhones and iPads for in-flight emergencies. This couple apparently had the same exact idea and were able to save their own lives when their plane experienced a complete electrical systems failure, disabling navigation and landing gear completely.


Microsoft launches Office for iPad today, but is it too little too late?


In a humiliating nod to Apple, Microsoft has finally released Word, Excel and Powerpoint for Apple’s iPad1 , albeit four years too late to have any actual impact. To make maters worse, Microsoft has crippled these versions so you pretty much have to pay $99 each if you actually want to […]

How To Break Into The App Store’s Top Chart Even If You Are Not A Developer

Chupamobile is democratizing the app business. A new approach to the app development that isrevolutionizing the market and making it easier and less expensive than ever to launch and distribute a professional app or game. LONDON, March 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Breaking into the App Store top chart has never been so easy, […]

RATs continue to infect Droid phones, steal money, pics, credit cards and listens to your phone calls

Android Malware

Yet another attack against Android (Droid by Google) users has been uncovered. Called Dendroid,1 this one can infiltrate existing Droid apps, evade Google’s scanning system (which allegedly searches for viruses and RAT trojan horses on the Google Play app store) and be activated later on, on your Droid without your […]

Apple deals potential death blow to Microsoft with free OS X update to Mavericks

Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks

The tradition in large corporations when buying computers is not to try and figure what works best for their employees. 99% of the time the actual decision is actually made by dark focus in the back room of accounting departments by CPAs who have no qualifications to […]

FaceTime over Cell will be available for all iPhones by Mid-June

FaceTime iPhone

FaceTime frightened AT&T so much, when Apple deployed it, that AT&T initially did not allow iPhone and iPad users to use it over their cell phone network, Limiting iOS users to using FaceTime over WiFi networks only. FaceTime’s superior ease of use and crystal clear picture […]

iPad saves videographers face from errant baseball [Video]

“People often give iPad photographers a hard time for trying to use an unwieldy tablet as a casual snapshot camera,” Michael Zhang reports for PetaPixel.


Apple petitioned to add a native Armenian iOS keyboard

There are millions of users all around the world who would benefit from having an Armenian keyboard. Currently Android is growing in popularity because there is no Armenian keyboard available from Apple. With this in mind a petition has been created at iTechnology:


Product Review: Anker 2 Port Turbo Car Charger – Really Delivers

The Anker 2 Port Turbo Car Charger solves an important problem for today’s busy e-lifestyle, namely what do you do when you have two devices or two people that need to charge at the same time. Sure, you could go to the local drug store and stick your hand in the basket and […]