Secure your iPhone (iPad) correctly


The media is abuzz, offering tips for securing your iPhone by using a Complex Passcode, instead of relying on a 4 digit PIN (i.e. a Simple Passcode) for better protection, in the wake of the FBI vs Apple brouhaha. This does make s sense but it completely overlooks two important facts: […]

iPhone 6S introduces MPEG 5

iPhone 6s

Has the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus ushered in a new era in video by including MPEG 5 support? Quite possibly since its now offering 4k video which contain roughly four times as many pixels as 1080p (2k) video. We would expect that 4k wold requite four times as much […]

Relo easily moves you from Droid to iPhone and iPad

JAMF software

Todays biggest headline was the report from S. Korea stating that Samsung has reported disappointing sales of its newest S6 Galaxy product line. Consumers are disappointed with Samsung and Google’s over-promising (via intense ad campaigns) and severely under delivering again, with their Droid based products so they are abandoning in droves […]

iPhone kill switch instructions

iPhone 5, 6, 6 Plus

The media has made a big fuss about legislation requiring all smartphone manufacturers to include a Kill Switch feature, but what they don;t tell you is that Apple already implemented it quite a while ago, which they call Activation Lock.


OnStar fails crash victim! Apple’s Find My iPhone saves the day

OnStar logo

Melissa Vasquez, A 28-year-old woman from Campbell California, tumbled down the side of Mt. Hamilton (San Jose California) in her Chevrolet Cruze. The General Motors OnStar equipped vehicle did alert the local police department to the accident but the police department was unable to find or locate Ms Vazquez are […]

Find a lost iPhone with iCloud “Send Last Location” feature

iPhone 5, 6, 6 Plus

A brilliant new feature called “Send Last Location” has been added to iCloud and iOS allows your iPhone to transmit its current location automatically when its battery is nearly depleted, allowing an owner to find an iPhone even after the battery has gone dead, an excellent feature for […]

iPhone: Easily Check Activation Lock Status Before You Buy Used

iPhone 5, 6, 6 Plus

In a move that improves all of our security, Apple has put up a new page that allows a buyer to check an iPhone before buying it used. This prevents you from buying an unusable iPhone since only the owner of an iPhone can deactivate its Activation Lock feature. This […]

Torture Test lab at Apple revealed again for media following Bendgate

iPhone 6 bend test

Following yesterday’s overblown media mud storm called Bendgate, about iPhone 6 Pluses that bend, Apple today gave a tour the The Verge of Apple’s torture testing facility for new iPhone models. In the tour it was clearly visible that Apple really does have significant testing facilities to try out […]

Bendgate all media hype only 9 iPhones actually got bent

iPhone to iPhone 6 evolution

Bendgate, or Bendghazi, is once again putting Apple in the media’s spotlight. Of course, As usual, the media went nuts without actually doing any fact checking. Fortunately The Wall Street Journal has actually done its homework and has officially published that only nine persons have actually complained of […]

iPhone blows away Samsung in SquareTrade’s independent lab break-ability tests

SmartPhone breakability by SquareTrade

Droid fanboys are taking great delight in being the new iPhones. Its weird that they would spend so much money to but one just to apply great force to it and make it bend, when they could just keep it and own the best smartphone in the world, […]