Samsung lawyers can't recognize their own Samsung Tablet in court

Kathleen Sullivan, a lawyer representing Samsung, failed to identify which tablet was made by Samsung at a distance of approximately 10 feet; “Not at this distance, your honor,” she said when asked by U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh if she could pick out which was the Samsung tablet the judge had in one […]

Apple considering a secret Samsung offer to allow Galaxy Tab sales to resume

Samsung is currently unable to sell their iPad knockoff, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia, but that could all change if Apple accepts the secret deal that Samsun may have put on the table, according to BGR.


OnStar spies on you, even if you cancel service

OnStar has updated its terms of service, regardless if you agree or not, to allow them to spy on you, your location and other personal information, even if you cancel the service.


Google collides head-on with European privacy advocates

The June 28th 2011 issue of the Internet Defamation Law Blog features a story on how Google has been uncooperative with privacy violations and has forced a plastic surgeon in Spain to take Google to court to get them to respond to his request to clear his name.