KeRanger ransomware attempts attack against OS X, Apple defends with XProtect


It has been confirmed today that the very first fully functional ransomware targeting OS X users has been released into the wild. First detected by users downloading the Transmission app from its official download site, it appears that the official site was compromised but since its an open source project, […]

Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets now come with Malware already installed on them from the factory


David Jevans, CTO and founder of Marble Security has reported today that Droid phones and tablets have been found to come with malware already installed on them direct from the Samsung factory.


FBI and Department Of Homeland Security Warn That Droid Is Unsafe

Android Malware

Its absolutely no surprise that once again Google’s Android (Droid) operating system for mobile devices is raising red flags from government security officials, and its probably not the last. Droid is responsible for three times as much malware as all other mobile devices combined. If you combine Droid and Symbian […]

Dr Bob Exclusive: Apple secretly blocks Flashback (New Adobe Flash Trojan Horse malware)

As if Adobe Flash did not have a bad enough reputation with Internet users, there is now new malware that disguises itself as the Adobe Flash installer and slips in a Trojan Horse that attempts to disable the automatic anti-virus update feature built into the OS.


Droid phones vulnerable to QR Code malware

Once again Droid (Google’s Android smart phone operating system) has fallen victim to a malware attack, this time via QR code vulnerability.