Microsoft at fault for Home Depot credit card data breach


Home Depot was innocent after all, they followed industry best practices for securing your personal credit card information but what caused them to et hacked was yet another security flaw in Microsoft’s Windows operating system. How many breaking over how many decades will it take before these corporation finally learn that […]

Windows looks responsible for another credit card POS hack


Windows RT has such terrible security that once again a major US Retailer, Kmart, has been hacked and had their credit card systems compromised. The company is not saying how many credit cards were compromised nor what personal information from their customer’s accounts was taken, because they just don’t know or […]

Microsoft Windows vulnerability allows hackers to penetrate Dairy Queen


Dairy Queen is the latest company to get hit by the Windows malware known as “Backoff” that steals your credit card data from credit card terminals used at millions of stores nationwide. This vulnerability is due to a well known security flaw in the Windows RT operating system (Windows XP for […]

Microsoft launches Office for iPad today, but is it too little too late?


In a humiliating nod to Apple, Microsoft has finally released Word, Excel and Powerpoint for Apple’s iPad1 , albeit four years too late to have any actual impact. To make maters worse, Microsoft has crippled these versions so you pretty much have to pay $99 each if you actually want to […]

History being made: Apple sales surpass Microsoft sales

Tim Cook, Apple

Write this down, this is a historic moment, we just passed the point were Apple outsold Microsoft. In the eighties the dogma was that everyone should standardize on Microsoft because they had a larger market share than Apple and was the De Facto standard. So now that the tables […]

Apple deals potential death blow to Microsoft with free OS X update to Mavericks

Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks

The tradition in large corporations when buying computers is not to try and figure what works best for their employees. 99% of the time the actual decision is actually made by dark focus in the back room of accounting departments by CPAs who have no qualifications to […]

The Patent Wars: Crucially, SEPs cannot be used to win injunctions barring products from sale

Microsoft vs Android

“This is going to have effects a lot further than just Motorola v. Microsoft: it could be crucial in the ongoing Samsung Apple battle,” Tim Worstall reports for Forbes.


Microsoft officially announces: ‘We will no longer be producing Zune players’

Bill Gate at Zune launch party

Microsoft announced via their Zune website that Zune hardware is dead:


Google fires back at Microsoft for teaming with Samsung

Ballmer, Microsoft CEO with Windows Phone 7

Google has made public statements expressing its anger at Microsoft for siding with Samsung, by sharing their patents. Its funny that Google made similar noises against


Windows Phone 7 spies on users: Microsoft caught in lie to Congress

Microsoft appears to be caught lying. Again. After testifying to Congress that Windows phone 7 absolutely does not spy on its users, security researcher Rafael Rivera reports from his blog that he has observed Windows Phone 7 sending private data to several Microsoft sites, without user permission or knowledge.