EVDrive's e-Moto-CRF250R electric motocross is super fast and super quiet [Video]


The all electric, motocross Moto-CRF250R motorcycle by EVDrive is available now, and its a screamer. Featuring a monstrous 80 horsepower Honda electric motor, this bad boy can reach 70 MPH in the forest (keep in mind that the electric motor in my Prius is only 75 HP, and the Prius can scoot 5 […]

Yamaha teases with 188 MPG 125cc motorcycle to delight commuters [photo gallery]

Yamaha unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show a lightweight motorcycle that delivers 80 km/l (226 mpg Imperial or 188 U.S. miles/gallon) with a retro style that is reminiscent of something in between an 1800’s motorcycle and a bicycle (in a good way). It features a 125cc 4 cycle “world” engine tuned for economy, and weighs […]

Secret Honda Electric Superbike, sneak preview

Honda electric superbike

Honda has been very tight lipped about its much anticipated first real electric motorcycle, not revealing any technical details during the Tokyo Auto show. Its suspected that the recent Tsunami and nuclear disasters in Japan have thrown a damper on the show and that manufacturers are being quiet on purpose.


Brutus electric motorcycle – manly beast [Video]

A truly manly electric motorcycle with its brawny exposed truss frame and bulging sides, the Brutus could appeal to lumberjack and cafĂ© racer alike. No word on when the production model will be ready for you, but early specifications have been released by Chris Bell, Brutus’ inventor.


Honda ups MPG to make its new 700cc machine just Super

Honda Integra 700

Its been a long time coming but finally a major motorcycle manufacturer has taken fuel economy seriously and turned to high tech techniques to make a road machine that gets almost


Real world Tron Motorcycle is back – Now All Electric! Win one now!

Last year Parker Brothers Choppers blew our minds away with their (Tron inspired) LightCycle project, I mean this bad boy looks just like the real thing! And its street legal!