FBI loses, Apple wins! Justice Department about to retract demand against Apple


As I expected, the Justice Department has leaked that it will be dropping the demand against Apple to engineer a backdoor solution into all iPhones, per a leak from an anonymous Justice Department employee.


FBI blinks, backs off of Apple, Snowden disses backdoor demands

Snowden, Chomsky, Greenwald

The Peninsula Peace & Justice Center has just hosted a video featuring a privacy discussion amongst the renowned linguist and MIT professor Noam Chomsky, National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden, and Intercept co-founding editor Glenn Greenwald from this past Friday at the panel discussion at the University of Arizona in Tuscon.


Secure your iPhone (iPad) correctly


The media is abuzz, offering tips for securing your iPhone by using a Complex Passcode, instead of relying on a 4 digit PIN (i.e. a Simple Passcode) for better protection, in the wake of the FBI vs Apple brouhaha. This does make s sense but it completely overlooks two important facts: […]

US Secretary Of Defense supports encryption and disses backdoors

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter at the RSA Cuberseurity conference today came out in support of Apple’s predicament with the FBI by proclaiming his support for encryption and his dislike for encryption. He did not give direct words of support for Apple because he oversees a different agency and presumably […]

ACLU got Apple’s back against the FBI


The ACLU Today, — joined by its affiliates in California filed its  AMICUS BRIEF (complete) on behalf of Apple Inc.


Apple KOs FBI in Congressional Encryption Hearing


Yesterday’s HOUSE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE HEARING ON ENCRYPTION in the United States Congress, is likely to go down as a watershed moment in US and possibly world history when it comes to privacy and encryption. Apple lawyer Bruce Sewell and FBI Director James Comey were both mercilessly pummeled with questions from Congress, and both answered […]

House Judiciary Committee Hearing on Encryption is LiveSteaming -Watch Now!


House Judiciary Committee Hearing on Encryption is LiveSteaming Now!

 The House Judiciary Committee hosts its own live stream-  http://1.usa.gov/1T6mugc Tim Cook is expected to speak during this event.


Attorney General Loretta Lynch could be holding the key to why FBI is attacking Apple


It seems that the FBI puts as much effort into marketing as does Apple. After blasting Apple for using marketing as an excuse for not helping the FBI by installing a backdoor into the iOS ecosystem. We now see that the FBI is in the midst of doing their own marketing, […]

Republicans back Police State and backdoors for phones, during debate

Republican Party

The Republican debate last night was a total total slugfest, with candidates tearing into each other like catty school children, until the topic of the FBI’s demand for Apple to install a backdoor into the dead San Bernardino suspect’s phone, at which time they joined forces and attacked Apple. No […]

Apple asks court to not force the creation of iPhone backdoor


Apple has officially responded to the court order, and requested that the court vacate the demand promulgated by the FBI to create […]