Samsung: Don’t be evil!


Samsung is now proven to be just as evil as Microsoft or Google, based on the ruling from the Taiwan’s Supreme Court this Wednesday. Samsung was found guilty of poaching a critical TSMC employee, Liang Mong-song, a 20 year veteran of TSMC and a key co-inventor of TSMC’s FinFET fabrication process and is now […]

Google’s new Nexus 6 and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 smoked badly by iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Android Malware

Google and Samsung have followed in the steps of WinTel monopolists and pushed specifications far ahead of actual consumer usability. Not only did they push paper specs above reality, they also managed to get the media to tow the company line and focus on part numbers rather than anything that […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 4 Performance falling as iPhone exceeds expectations


Samsung is following in the footsteps of the WinTel gang, almost almost step for step, by focusing on advertising specs as opposed to users’ real world experience, however unless the WinTel mob who actually improved performance occasionally, Samsung’s latest phone and tablet show much worse performance than last year’s iPhone. let […]

Samsung covers up Galaxy phone batteries exploding


“A., a resident of central Israel, had a nasty surprise recently, when his new Samsung Galaxy S4 caught fire as it was charging,” Tsach Shpitsen and Yisrael Wolman report for Ynetnews. “‘The phone was on charge, and a friend was in the room,’ he recalls. ‘I was in the kitchen when I heard a noise. […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner hacked, PayPal accounts vulnerable


This is what happens when the knock off companies try to copy Apple’s we’ll engineered tech, Samsung users get their bank accounts hacked, easily. Today’s news is that Samsung has implemented such poor security in its knock-off of Apple’s fingerprint sensor in the home button feature that Paypal accounts can be […]

Samsung’s pants are on fire, court documents prove they knowingly lied about sales figures


Not only has Samsung been beat down by Apple in court, for illegally copying Apple’s iPhone and iPad, now the embarrassing news is that Samsung executives knew that hey were intentionally inflating sales figures in order to make their competitors (i.e. Apple) look like they were losing market share, when in […]

Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets now come with Malware already installed on them from the factory


David Jevans, CTO and founder of Marble Security has reported today that Droid phones and tablets have been found to come with malware already installed on them direct from the Samsung factory.


iPad Air rated best tablet battery life in latest independent testing


I’ve said it from day one, Apple’s mobile products, the iPad and iPhone, are superior in every way that actually matters to consumers. They are designed better, built better, are made of better materials and manufactured to quality standards higher than any other manufacturer. Its not a mystery that every mobile […]

Samsung sells its soul to Google, the dark deed has been done, you have been warned

Google Don’t Be Evil

It was bound to happen sooner or later, Samsung has signed an agreement to share patents with Google, and vice versa. This means that despite all the losses in court, around the world, which have held that Droid phones are in violation of stealing Apple’s technology (something that […]

iPhone 5S the fastest smartphone on the planet, test results are in

Indisputably, the iPhone 5S has beaten all other smartphones (and even some tablets) is vendor neutral, unbiased, independent testing by far (9The iPhone 5s Review)) . Its more than twice as fast as the next nearest competing smartphone. Not an easy task to do, given that other phones, particular the Droids by Samsung, […]