NSA does not have back door access to Apple according to Tim Cook [Video]

Edward Snowden -Whistleblower

Comforting to know that unlike Google and Microsoft, Apple has not allowed the NSA direct access to your private information that resides on Apple servers. In an interview that will air later today, Tim Cook, Apple CEO, asserts that the NSA has not been given access by Apple, which […]

Snowden [Whistleblower] Live Chat this Thursday! Talk to the man who revealed what’s behind the NSA curtain

Edward Snowden -Whistleblower

Want a chance to ask and get a live answer from Edward Snowden? There is a second chat this Thursday that promises to be much better than the original Snowden chat because it will not be canned. Snowden will be taking questions from Twitter, live, and answer them in […]

NSA is watching you


Regardless if you believe that the NSA is spying on you, in fact they probably are. Sure, its likely that your electronic information and communications is being swept up in a huge net, along with everyone else’s, and that its not likely to be targeted directly at you, the […]

FBI Wants $41 Million Boost To Cyber Monitoring Capabilities

WASHINGTON — The FBI has requested more than $41 million to improve the bureau’s ability to collect and analyze cyber information and address “critical gaps” in its capability to monitor web activities.