SSD makers marginalize Mac users

Crucial Technology by Micron

SSD replacements for traditional (mechanical) hard disk drives (HDD) are today’s must-have upgrade because today’s HDDs are the single largest bottleneck to unleashing your laptop or desktop’s true potential. Tired of waiting 2 to 3 minutes for your computer to boot up? Install an SSD and watch it […]

SSD for older Macs: Are They Worth It?

Crucial Technology by Micron

Solid State Disk drives (SSD drives) have for several years promised to improve our computing experience but have at the same time been so unaffordable expensive that the average person never got to use one. Apple changed all that when they released the first Macbook Air with […]

Crucial Technologies M500 SSD Giveaway – Right Now

Crucial, best known for their top quality computer memory, and now SSDs, has launched a sweepstakes to give away a Crucial M500 SSD, 120 240 480 and a 960 GB M500 SSD.


Hard Disk Drives Prices Return To Normal

In late 2011, severe flooding in Thailand shut down hard drive component manufacturers, severely limiting worldwide hard drive production and sending hard drive prices soaring skyward.


Not all USB enclosures can handle disk drives above 2.2 TB; Here is what you need to know [UPDATED]


3 and 4 TeraByte drives are now finally starting to show up in quantity and at reasonable prices. The flooding in SouthEast Asia that shut down operations at the disk drive manufacturing plants put a serious dent in the worldwide supply of mechanical disk drives, not to mention to its impact […]

Thoughts about Apple's amazing Fusion Drive

Apple Fusion drive

Apple has astounded us once again with the release of their new Fusion Drive, a way to gives us the low cost of traditional hard disk drives with the amazing performance of SSD drives. Apple already has offered super fast SSD disk drives for the ultimate in storage system […]

1TB laptop SSD announced by OCZ, features 'instant on' boot up

OCZ Octane-S2 SATA 3Gbps SSD

My dream has come true, as far as laptop storage goes, and OCZ fulfilled it with a 1TeraByte SSD drive. Based on (new to OCZ) NAND flash controller technology OCZ acquired when it purchased Indilinx, this new SSD drive also features an “Instant ON: boot up feature […]

Apple's speedy Thunderbolt ports can already light up super fast fiber optic cables

Apple’s Thunderbolt ports reign supreme when it comes to data transfer speed. Able to move 10Gbps through two channels at once, on one cable, allows this new technology, codeveloped between Apple and Intel (formerly known as LightPeak), to just leave all other technologies standing still.