Apple raises shields against Thunderstrike attack

OS X Yosemite

Thunderstrike, the boot kit attack against 2011 and newer Macs garnered a lot of press lately as potentially being able to install an unfixable backdoor into its victims but before black hat hackers have had the chance to build attack kits and actually use them, Apple has responded with […]

Which is faster? Thunderbolt bus-powered 2.5′ or USB 3.0 bus-powered 2.5′ storage?

“What prompted this article was the announcement this week that the FirmTek miniSwap/U3 is shipping,” rob-ART morgan reports for Bare Feats. “You might recall our review of it back in January where it impressed us with new found USB 3.0 speed. How does a USB 3.0 bus powered notebook size storage like […]

Not all USB enclosures can handle disk drives above 2.2 TB; Here is what you need to know [UPDATED]


3 and 4 TeraByte drives are now finally starting to show up in quantity and at reasonable prices. The flooding in SouthEast Asia that shut down operations at the disk drive manufacturing plants put a serious dent in the worldwide supply of mechanical disk drives, not to mention to its impact […]

Why is the iPhone 5 so Cool? Let me count the ways

iPhone 5 Black

There is a massive buzz surrounding the iPhone 5, so I’m sure that you are wondering if this is a media hype, or is the iPhone 5 for real. I can tell you now, that I’m convinced that before Steve Jobs left us, he issued one last command to the iPhone […]

Apple's speedy Thunderbolt ports can already light up super fast fiber optic cables

Apple’s Thunderbolt ports reign supreme when it comes to data transfer speed. Able to move 10Gbps through two channels at once, on one cable, allows this new technology, codeveloped between Apple and Intel (formerly known as LightPeak), to just leave all other technologies standing still.