USB 3.1 What is it really?

2015 MaaBook Type C connector

Apple’s 2015 MacBook has ushered in a new piece of tech into our lexicon, and with it a new confusion. In a nutshell, what the USB Implementers Forum did was to go backwards and rename USB 3.0 as USB 3.1 Type 1, which runs at 5 Gbps. USB 3.1 Type 2 […]

USB Type C is another Apple First


Adding to Apple’s very long list of of usable innovations (if you use high tech products you are likely to be using many Apple innovations without even knowing it) Apple has just added another one, USB-C which is making it debut on the new 2015 MacBook.


Umbrella USB Now On Kickstarter

Umbrella USB

LOS ANGELES, June 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The Umbrella USB is the 100% effective Firewall for mobile devices. When connected to any USB port, Umbrella allows power to flow so it can charge, but physically disconnects the data connections. This technology eliminates any possible data theft. “‘Juice Jacking’ is a new phenomenon […]

Micro USB for Apple products now available in E.U.

Apparently in order to to comply with new EU regulations, which require cell phone makers to move towards universal charging compatibility, by