Verizon admits throttling Unlimited Plan users


Verizon has publicly admitted that they are throttling heavy data users with unlimited plans. This is not a shocker but is completely unacceptable. These consumers paid for Unlimited Data and they should get it at all times. There really is no excuse for this behavior, we knew before cell phones gained […]

iPhone 4S pre-sales spectacular

Pre-sales of Apple’s iPhone 4S have been spectacular. AT&T alone sold more than 200,000 iPhone 4S handsets in the first 12 hours alone, making it AT&T’s most successful iPhone launch to date.


4G LTE iPhone 5 Rumors still unconfirmed

The blog-o-sphere has been abuzz the last few days with rumors that the new iPhone 5 will debut with built-in support for LTE based 4G instead of the wimpy HSPA+ 4G that is barely faster than 3G. The problem is that not one rumor offers any tangible evidence that LTE support will appear […]

Net Neutrality Coming to the U.S. soon, maybe

Net Neutrality (uncensored Internet for all) will be making its big debut in the United States of America this November if