iWorm attempting to infect OS X users


Dr Web has anent that a new piece of malware that targets OS X users has been discovered. There are instructions for determining if yo are infected and although I have never heard of Dr Web, he’s allegedly a Russian programmer that has been creating security software since 1992, I’ve been […]

Malware Used To Attack More Than 500,000 Computers Daily After 25,000 UNIX, Linux and Windows Servers Hijacked By Backdoor Trojan


SAN DIEGO, March 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — ESET®, the global leader in proactive digital protection, announced today its security research team, in collaboration with CERT-Bund, the Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing and other leading agencies, has uncovered a widespread cybercriminal campaign involving a Backdoor Trojan which seized control of more […]

EXCLUSIVE: New OS X Tibet malware already quashed by Apple; How to correctly force X-Protect to update your protection right now

CNET has reported that: Security company Kaspersky Labs has intercepted a new variant of the Tibet malware for OS X, which is being distributed to specific Uyghur activist groups as part of a seemingly politically motivated APT (advanced persistent threat) attack. As usual, what they don’t report, as of today is that Apple […]

Apple’s X-Protect takes out DevilRobber; Once again silently protects Mac users

Apple’s publicly know secret anti-virus software that is built into Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7 called X-Protect has been quietly updated to defend Mac users from the “DevilRobber” Trojan horse. No action is need by Mac users to enact or update this protection.


Dr Bob Exclusive: Apple secretly blocks Flashback (New Adobe Flash Trojan Horse malware)

As if Adobe Flash did not have a bad enough reputation with Internet users, there is now new malware that disguises itself as the Adobe Flash installer and slips in a Trojan Horse that attempts to disable the automatic anti-virus update feature built into the OS.


Droid phones vulnerable to QR Code malware

Once again Droid (Google’s Android smart phone operating system) has fallen victim to a malware attack, this time via QR code vulnerability.


Apple deflects Trojan-Dropper before it has chance to bite Mac users

Apple has updated its internal defense system, that protects Mac users from viruses and Trojan Horses, to defend against the Trojan-Dropper