Aviator web browser promises to protect your online privacy, but can it?

Aviator Browser

WhiteHatSec has released their new web browser, Aviator,  with the promise to protect your privacy from online snooping. This is an admirable and desirable premise since more companies are spying and tracking Internet users every day, so I was rather excited to check out this new browser, but once I […]

Droid users are at risk again, now through their default web browser

Android Malware

Droid users are again at additional risk, this time via a serious security flaw in their default web browser which is used by approximately 50% of all Droid users. What makes this interesting is that


Google Chrome allows malicious websites to spy on you, Google says it won’t fix the flaw

Google Don’t Be Evil

Add the most recent Google Chrome to the long list of reasons I have been telling family and friends to stay as far away from Google as possible. Today’s issue focuses on a flaw, discovered months ago, that Google acknowledges but has publicly stated that its choosing to […]

Clickjacking via Adobe Flash plugin is still taking secret pictures of you via your webcam

No Flash for you!

Clickjacking is not new, hackers have been using this technique since 2011 to trick web surfers for years, and right now they could be Clickjacking your webcam to take pictures of you without your permission, and without your knowledge. What makes this newsworthy today os that although […]

Double Safari scrolling speed on Retina MacBook Pros

When Apple announced the MacBook Pro with Retina Display, I nearly leapt out of my chair. This is the display I’ve waited for my whole life, with unsurpassed sharpness and detail. But a moment later I wondered what having so many pixels would do to graphics performance. Turns out that it some circumstances […]